Beda Cara Berpikir Orang Kaya dan Orang Miskin

Anjrah University – Ada paparan menarik mengenai beda cara berpikir orang kaya dengan orang miskin. Beda setting pikir berakhir pada beda pula hasilnya di kemudian hari. Teman teman bisa menyaksikan dalam paparan berikut ini:

Just completed the "focus" of my upcoming book that will hit the NY Times best sellers list (already training and masterminding with the best when it comes to this)

(please note before you read this I will have very good editors and I did not spell check this =p)

Every wealthy person I have ever met knows different "things" but they almost all think and adopt the same base mindsets. They also all do very similar things, and deeper they are in these mindsets and actions the richer they are in physical cash and also happiness.

(And I mean the happy part, this is why you will see so many "trustfund" babies and celebrities who are miserable weak minded people)

So I decided to write about these mindset or "pillars" for the time being in the book. I narrowed it down to 10 of them.

I truly 100% believe that if a person adopts these in their life they can reach wealth and total freedom. It stops being an if or a dream, and simply becomes a very close "when".

I adopted these, and the more faith I give to them the richer my life has become.

In my opinion the things you have adopt are (in no order at the moment)

1.The understanding of how to separate your time from income generation (aka completely disconnect your income from the hours your work)

The richest people I know can grind like crazy, but the amount of income they make has almost no connection to their time and grows vast amounts from just small actions on their part

2. Knowing that understanding is the key to success NOT luck or working more.

Long story short, if you knew everything that Donald Trump knows, would you have an issue making a million this year? No…

So what should you really focus on? Making money OR learning how to make money and applying it…

3. Total and complete self blame

Wealthy people blame them self and no one else. Even in the craziest of circumstances.

When you blame yourself solely for everything, even stuff that most would consider WILDY unfair and not your fault you begin to be able to control everything.

You never leave things to chance and you see things that are far far outside of other peoples scope

Why? Because its 100% your fault if you don’t see them coming. You are 100% to blame when you fail and 100% to blame when you win. You take your life out of "fates" hands and control it by the throat

4. Surrounding Yourself With People Smarter Than You

You know who knows how to get rich? People that are already rich. They can probably help you know how to get rich…

5. Turning Off Illogical Fear

Why do most people never start a business? Fear! There are so many people that have every skillset in the world to start a business, but just cannot force them self to take a leap even though its their dream

Fear forces people to do shit they hate doing from 8-6 till they they die instead of doing what they love every day of their life.

Heck it even cripples people with businesses from ever expanding because they are afraid to spend to much on their business.

You LITERALLY cannot move towards your dreams till you stop listening to fear and start listening to logic and taking manageable risks.

6. Abandoning Common Thought

Something like .5% of people are millionaires. Far fewer are multi millionaires (my stats could be off)

With that being said, that means that you have to completely abandon they beliefs and views 99.5% of people will tell you to be true.

They are literally 100% dead wrong. I could write a small book on here but I will leave it at that for now.

7. Using money to make yourself money.

You know what most people do when they get a pay day. They spend it right away or horde it.

Even millionaires do this and its the sole reason they never get richer and eventually fail.

Every dollar you make can be reinvested in yourself to make $5 dollars over your life time (actually much more)

Truly wealthy pay themselves very little while investing in themselves and their businesses. Let your returns pay for the big toys

8.Giving Value VS Taking Value

Poor people view getting rich as a value taking process. You have to make some machine that takes peoples money and get rich via some amazing idea.

Rich people understand money is an idea… That it. It is a representation of the value you put out into the world and how many people give you value back for it.

Want to make a ton of money? Find a way to provide value for a TON of people (or a very high paying few). Don’t take their money, give them something of equal or more value in return (on a super huge scale)

9. Reckless self faith

Even if a wealthy person goes broke, if they are "truly" wealthy in mind they become rich again very soon.

This is because they take BIG actions that eventually result in a big win.

Acting conservatively is like trying win a F-1 race playing it safe. Sure you might not come in last, but you will never ever win

10. Triggering Obsession

Work is not "work" for wealthy people. It is their obsession.

Have you ever heard about those people that can play online video games for 72 hours straight in their moms basement, living off only pizza and mountain dew.

This is EXACTLY how a super successful entrepreneur acts (and many started this way). Work is not work, it is a literal obsession that they are consumed by.

What you have to do is trigger this in yourself and then you can outwork anyone 1000 times to one


And pow, that is a small preview of what will be coming your way in a few months + what I think is a guaranteed way to get rich. Back to work I go.




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